Stores Like Pottery Barn

Published: 22nd June 2009
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Leading home furnishing company Pottery Barn, founded in 1949 and purchased by Williams-Sonoma, Inc. in 1986, isn't without competition. There are stores like Pottery Barn promoting the same line of product using an approach that has been its own trademark for the past decades: moderate pricing coupled with aggressive sales promotion.

Pier one Imports

Founded in 1962, Pier one Imports now runs a chain of more than 1,200 stores thru the U. S. , Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico and employs around 16,700 people. All wares are imported, all designed and made by foreign craftsmen. The company is based in Forth Worth, Texas. Pier one Imports used to operate a retail idea that competed against Pottery Barn Kids-called Pier one Kids-but made a decision to stop its operations in September 2007.

Stores Like Pottery Barn

Cost Plus

Cost Plus derived its name from its 1st retailing idea of "cost and 10%." Since opening its first store in San Francisco, California in 1958, Cost Plus has extended to 270 stores located in thirty states. It began as a rattan furniture store and quickly grew into an exclusive retailer of imported product.

Crate & Barrel

The first Crate & Barrel store opened in Chicago, Illinois in 1962. It acquired home furnishings immediately from factories in Europe and built its business reputation upon the beauty, sturdiness and reasonable costs of such imports.

There are other stores like Pottery Barn. Check them when you're bargain hunting. Competition is a nice thing.

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